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EA Looking for Customer Experience Coach for Anthem?

EA Anthem

Anthem has not been doing too good and we have been hearing rumours that it might become a free-to-play game in the future. New reports claim that EA is looking for a customer experience coach and keeping in mind the state of Anthem it is most likely that this new post is for Anthem.

We all know that Anthem players are not happy with the game and that might be one of the reasons why EA is now looking to hire a customer experience coach in order to fix things. The job is described as follows:

This role is part of EA’s Customer Experience organization. The Customer Experience organization strives to make EA known for taking care of its players. We’re players taking care of players and people talking to people – whenever, wherever, and however they need us. The Coach is part of the Quality & Coaching team who support and develop EA Advisors to deliver great experiences to our players.

Anthem players have provided plenty of feedback and the game had issues since the VIP beta. We later found out that the E3 2018 demo of the game was actually faked and what we got at launch was actually put together in a few 9 months. That showed in the gameplay as well. If you compared the actual game to what was shown at E3 2018, you can see a lot of differences.

We recently heard that CDPR had development issues when making Cyberpunk 2077 and the devs that reported this compared it to the development of Anthem, which is not a good sign. But I guess that is why CDPR is taking its time. Fans would rather like to a proper game rather than a rushed one and I guess that CDPR knows that.

Let us know what you think about the current state of Anthem and whether or not you think the game can still be fixed.

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