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Hitman 2 July Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Content

Hitman 2 July Roadmap

Hitman 2 July roadmap has been announced. In July Hitman 2 players will be able to check out new Contracts, another Elusive Target, a Sniper Assassin map and more. The new Escalation Contract will be available today.

The roadmap features plenty of content and the following is everything that you will be able to play through in July:

  • Escalation Contract – July 4th
  • Challenge Pack – July 11th
  • Featured Contracts – July 18th
  • Legacy Elusive Target – July 19th
  • Escalation Contract – July 25th
  • IOI Monthly #5 – July 29th
  • New Sniper Assassin Map (Expansion Pass) – July 30th
  • Anniversary Outfits Free with IOI Account – July 30th
  • Contracts Mode for Hawke’s Bay – July 30th
  • Game Update – July 30th

the Legacy Elusive Target, the new map, and the update that comes out at the end of the month seem to be the most interesting out of everything that has been announced. The Badboy will make a comeback as this months target.

There is little that we know about the new map other than its called “The Prison”. We should be able to learn more as we get into July. Here is what IO Interactive had to say about the new content update:

The second Sniper Assassin map is coming to all expansion pass owners July 30th! This time, you’re going to one of the harshest and coldest places on earth. Get full mastery in this level, and you’ll unlock the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic to use in all of the sandbox locations HITMAN 2. Welcome to Siberia (The Prison). More information regarding the new Sniper Assassin Map will be revealed as we get closer to release date.

Hitman 2 July roadmap is impressive indeed and players can get cosmetic outfits for free by making an IOI account. If you have not done so already then you should sign up to get the free goodies.

Let us know what you think about the Hitman 2 July roadmap and whether or not you are interested in jumping back into Hitman 2.

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