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Balanced Cross-play Could Be Perfect In Modern Warfare – Shroud

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare is coming out in a few weeks and there is a lot of hype around the upcoming title. Many believe that it will be like the games of old but others are not buying into the hype just yet. In a recent stream, Shroud talked about how balanced cross-play could be great for Modern Warfare.

Fans of different online multiplayer games have been asking for cross-play so that they can play with their friends on different consoles and even PC. For that, developers need to integrate the feature and companies like Sony, Microsoft and Steam need to allow it. Sony has been very strict when it comes to cross-play and has only allowed cross-play for games like Fortnite and Rocket League.

Modern Warfare is supposed to have cross-play and Shroud thinks that this is the future. Here is what Shroud had to say regarding the matter:

Cross-platform is, unfortunately, but fortunately, the future of a lot of multiplayer shooters. I hope cross platforms starts to happen more and more – especially in a BR standpoint, 100%.

Indeed this is the future but not only for shooter. Other games can have this feature as well. Players want to be able to play games with their friends, no matter which platform they are on.

Shroud talked about how balanced cross-play would work for consoles and PC. While most people think that keyboard and mouse are better for shooters, Shroud thinks that the controller can be just as good. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter:

As long as the console is balanced well, the controller, it’s perfect – it’s perfect. The way it works is, bad players on console and bad players on PC – the bad players on console win. In the middle, it’s pretty even and at the top tier, it’s just ever so slightly PC is a little bit better.

Shroud mentioned that aim assist needs to be implemented correctly. If it is too aggressive then console players are going to have the upper hand. if it is not implemented right then keyboard and mouse users are going to have the upper hand. Making it just right is the key.

Let us know what you think about cross-play in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

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