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Larian Studios And Logic Artists Are Right To Focus On Their Own Projects

Today Larian Studios and Logic Artists announced that work has been stopped on Divinity: Fallen Heroes as both developers refocus their efforts on their own projects for the foreseeable future. Whilst this is unfortunate for fans of the Divinity: Original Sin games and wider universe, it’s important to recognise that this is clearly a change that needed to happen.

The news broke earlier today in a Tweet from Larian Studios. Check out the Tweet below and read on for more details.

As you can see, both studios were saddened by the fact that they needed to make this decision. However, it’s important to recognise that each developer has a game in an established series of their own that they feel needs their full attention. Larian even point out in this statement how, as an independent developer, they understand the need to pull every resource into an in-house production when needed, because they’re often the passion project of everyone in the company.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes

In Divinity: Fallen Heroes, players would take control of a selection of characters, which they could collect throughout the game, and play across an initial 60 missions. The story was set within the timeline of Divinity: Original Sin 2, and starred The Lady Of Vengeance. Choices and consequences would have played a major role in each player’s game, with the outcome of missions differing depending on those choices. The key difference with Divinity: Fallen Heroes was the gameplay, which took the form of a tactical RPG similar to the rest of the Divinity games. A trailer was released for the game as part of its announcement, which you can see below.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the game that Larian Studios is putting everyone to work on at the moment. For the studio to even get the rights to work on this third game in the franchise is incredible, but the fact that they’re able to work on it with the history of the Divinity games behind them makes it even more special. The Divinity games were inspired by the Baldur’s Gate series, so it only makes sense for Larian Studios to be the ones taking the reins on Baldur’s Gate 3.

Larian is keeping pretty quiet on the details of Baldur’s Gate 3, but they have said that it will look at Mindflayers, the tentacle-faced psychic monstrosities that seem to be behind the most evil of plots in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. The reveal trailer for the project even shows the transformation of a man into a Mindflayer. Check out the trailer below.

Expeditions Third Instalment

Artists Logic has moved all of their resources to work on the third instalment of their Expeditions series. The Expeditions games are among the best in the tactical turn-based genre, with thousands of players enjoying multiple playthroughs over years. Understandably, these games require a lot of work in order to come to fruition, so it makes complete sense for Artists Logic to make this move.

Knowing When to Stop

Divinity: Fallen Heroes was scheduled to release next month, though that obviously isn’t happening now. However, that’s not the important part of this news. What is important, is that both of the studios who were working on the game knew when to say that they needed more time. Delays in game release dates have become more common in recent years, mostly because fans accept that a delay in release date results in a better end product, more often than not at least.

The delay for Divinity: Fallen Heroes makes it sound like the game has a long way to go. Maybe the intention was to release it in an early access state, so that players could provide feedback and make the game better over time, thanks to further development from both studios. Regardless, it’s fantastic news that Larian Studios and Artists Logic feel the need to work so diligently on their own projects. Once each of those projects is completed, or requires less resources as they near completion, work will no doubt begin once again on Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

Let us know if you were looking forward to Divinity: Fallen Heroes in the comments.

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