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Good News Everyone! Freelancers Are Giving Out Free Game Codes In Anthem

The Anthem community have banded together to do something really awesome, and BioWare is getting involved as well. As originally reported by MP1ST, Reddit user CM_YTHISENS started dropping codes fo Anthem within the community. The idea was to give some codes to those who want to play a game with their friends, and maybe have a good time together. Anthem can certainly deliver on that, which is exactly why this idea took off so well.

The Anthem community has taken a bit of a hit, but it has a dedicated core base of players who are in there every day, taking on challenges, and generally having a great time. The game is solid, and offers a lot to those willing to put the time in. It’s an MMO unlike many others, and has the unique gameplay experience of being able to fly a Javelin, a massive mech, around a huge open world whilst shooting at aliens. It’s honestly a bit of a dream, and something I’m quite passionate about.

To top off this really cool piece of news, BioWare got involved and started dropping codes for each version of the game.


BioWare had no reason to go this far out of their way to give out free codes for their game. If rumours are correct, the game hasn’t made much money anyway, so this is just throwing even more of it away. However, it shows that the developers believe in their game, and in the new version of Anthem that they’re trying to build in the background.

For me, this is a great sign of things to come. Clearly BioWare is looking to get people into their game however possible, so we should all be making the most of it before it becomes the next big MMO. I’m sure it’s still possible to buy the game for as little as £5, if you can’t get a free code that is, so why not just jump in if you need a long game to play? There’s a lot of gear to earn, and loads of challenges to work through, so get stuck in.

We’re trying to combat all the negative news at the moment. While you may be seeing a lot of reporting on the coronavirus, we want to remind you that there are positive things happening in the world too. If you enjoyed this look at the Anthem community’s generosity, check out some similar articles here.

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