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Good News Everyone! Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Is Hitting Consoles And PC


Earlier this week IGN revealed a fantastic-looking upcoming game, Peaky Blinders: Mastermind. The name suggests some boring take on the popular TV show, tasking you with answering all manner of questions about the Peaky Blinders gang and the show in general. But that’s not the case thankfully, and this is actually a tactical game based on solving puzzles with gangsters.

I think this trailer is incredible, because the visuals tell you everything that you could ever need to know. You take on the role of six separate Shelby family members, each of which plays their part in the jailbreak, robbery, or whatever other crime is currently being committed. You need to organise the movements of each character so that they line up perfectly, aiding each other with their unique abilities so that the crime can be pulled off without a hitch.

The game is based on the Soldier’s Minute. This is a concept that Thomas Shelby talks about in the TV show. It’s the moment that you’re living in right now, without any concern for the past or the future. All you’re thinking about is the task at hand. That’s why you need to move everybody about within the same level, because you’re living that single moment. It’s a fantastic insight into the mind of the Shelby family leader, and it’s even got a soundtrack that’s been created by the same band who worked on the first season of the TV show.

This game has been built with the help of the TV show’s creator, so it actually ties in right at the start. The game takes place before the first season, telling the story of Thomas Shelby rising to the top of the family before everything kicks off. I’m sure that the story is going to be just as stressful as each season of the show is, because there never seems to be a moment to breathe there, and this game is built around that concept.

We’re trying our hardest to get as much good news as possible to you in these troubling times. If you enjoyed this positive look at a gangster tactics game, check out some other good news here.

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