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EA Needs To Sort Out Its FIFA 22 Upgrade Policy

EA has officially revealed FIFA 22 and a bunch of the new features it has as well. The game looks fantastic, but EA is screwing fans when it comes to the versions on sale, and the upgrade policy it has in place. In 2021, we already have a lot of developers offering free upgrades on games, especially if you own them. When it comes to new games, there’s a general cost of about £10 that seems to be the industry norm for an upgrade between PS4 and PS5, but only if the PS5 version has new content, such as Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Otherwise, the upgrade is generally free. EA is spitting in the face of this, and it’s pretty damn disgusting.

First, the Switch version of FIFA 22 is a re-skinned version of FIFA 19. This is totally ridiculous, and nobody should pay for it. Second, the PC version of FIFA 22 is locked to last-gen mechanics. This means that none of the new stuff like the AI-written animations in the current-gen versions of the game are present. This is already making PC players extremely angry, and I suspect that EA will have to change tact before too long.

Lastly, you can’t upgrade your PS4 or Xbox One version of FIFA 22 to PS5 or Xbox Series X/S unless you buy one of the Ultimate Editions. These cost an additional £10 on top of the base game’s price, at which point you may as well buy the current-gen version. It’s sickening really, because it makes the game totally inaccessible for those who want to enjoy the best possible version of it. Game prices are already creeping up too much on current-gen consoles, and this makes them pretty much unaffordable for a huge chunk of FIFA fans.

The think that EA doesn’t seem to understand is that FIFA is a casual game, enjoyed by almost everyone with a console. Even if those people aren’t hardcore players, they’ll play FIFA. However, no one is going to pay this much for a game that they’re only going to occasionally play. EA is about to lose a lot of people who enjoy FIFA, it just doesn’t know it yet. Hopefully, it switches strategies and pulls the price down, or at least offers a better upgrade system.