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Why You Should Be Excited For The Expanse: A Telltale Series

Telltale Games has made some of the most meaningful story experiences in gaming. Back in the day, before they seemingly shut down, they were making games like The Walking Dead, Batman, and Tales From The Borderlands. Their games are renowned for being great stories in universes you love, and they always bring something new to it. While some might retell the same story, they still manage to add something that makes you think about the universe in a new and different way. I’ve always loved their games, and now they’re bringing their storytelling prowess to the universe of The Expanse.

The Expanse is a fantastic series of books that’s also been turned into a TV show for Amazon, which is equally as epic. If you’re not already into it, you should check both the books and the TV show out. The game from Telltale is still in the works, and the trailer we have right now doesn’t give much away about what will be in it. However, we can sort of guess at what’s coming based on that trailer, and I think it’s quite an exciting area to explore. I think that it’ll look at Drummer, and telling a story about her, one of the most interesting characters in the entire series of The Expanse.

Drummer is a character who has been involved in some incredibly shady stuff, but she redeems herself and moves back into the realm of helping people for the greater good throughout the book and TV series. It’s the classic character redemption arc, and she’s so much more interesting because she’s got that past. I reckon that in this game, we’ll be looking at where she’s come from, who she was before, and filling in the gaps where we’ve not been able to learn about her from the other media in the franchise.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series is a great excuse to get into a new sci-fi franchise. If you love space and realism with a slight lean on some fantastical alien stuff, then this is the universe for you. Don’t sit on it too much, because you’ll regret it when you finally play the game.