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Payday Studio Announces Dungeons & Dragons Live Service Game

The studio known for the Payday franchise has announced a new game based on Dungeons & Dragons. This new game will be multiplayer-focused and it will be released as a live service game. The game is code-named Project Baxter and it’s expected to release at some point in 2026 across “All major platforms.” We don’t know what they mean by this but it’s safe to say that this includes next-gen platforms and PC.

The announcement was made earlier today, with studio Starbreeze talking about how the development of this new project was “in full swing.” Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren claimed that the game will deliver an action-adventure cooperative experience. Additionally, the game will feature its foundation in cooperative and community-driven experiences, ‘play it your way’, and infinite replayability.

Meanwhile, the VP of digital strategy and licensing at Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro commented that Dungeons & Dragons is having an extraordinary year. “Our collaboration with Starbreeze is a prime illustration of this strategy. Given their impressive games and passion for Dungeons & Dragons, we are confident they will create an experience that will delight fans worldwide.”

While no concrete platforms for release of this game have been given as of yet, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game has been stated to have cross-play functionality. From this, players can know that the game will allow them to play with each other without having to face restrictions based on the platform they’re playing on. Much like in a game like Payday 3, where players are able to play together regardless of the platform they are playing with so long as they are using a Starbreeze account.

Payday 3 was one of the major video game releases for September 2023. While it certainly lacked in many areas due to server issues, it has managed to stabilize itself in the long run. Hopefully, the developers at Starbreeze took notes from the launch of Payday 3 to avoid a problematic launch for the D&D game in the near future.

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